Youk,Shim-won who creates various facial expressions of the women delicately on canvas introduces the works with delicate and rich color through 9 times personal exhibition and draws attention.
Artist does not just draw a pretty girl but draws inner beauty and dream of every woman. She says that every woman is a woman so they have a hidden beauty and dream of themselves and dreams about new happiness through this.
The artist says that this is not an exception even grandmother or aunt and is a privilege that women can have and dream. She wants to express all these minds through the works. Therefore the works of the artist is always melted with happiness”. She hops everybody become happier by watching this.
The artist Youk, Shim-Won uses a technique which color spreads delicately by using Jangji and Bunche. Mix glue by grinding Jangji and Bunche and adjust thickness by water, layer several times on Jangji, expresses simple and delicate intensity unlike oil painting. This is a technique that the artist has a large affection same as the material of “woman’ and “happiness”.
Her works using this Jangji and Bunche presents a new paradigm of Korean painting. Softness like pastel and radiance like oil painting has built her unique color by meeting a natural texture of paper. Deep and rich color even oriental painting makes the person in her works more unique and special. (1) Jangji: Thick Traditional Korean Paper (2) Bunche: Solid Paint. Use by grinding into flour.
`Graduated Sunhwa Art High School
`Graduated Ewha Women’s University, School of Art, Asian Painting Department
`Graduated Ewha Women’s graduate School of Art, Asian Painting Department
2009 9th Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2008 8th Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2007 Korea International Art Fair (COEX)
      (7th Personal Exhibition)
2007 6th Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2006 5th Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2005 4th Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2004 3rd Personal Exhibition (Gallery AM)
2004 2nd Personal Exhibition - new
      Thousand years of Asian painting
      (Seoul Arts Center)
2002 1st Personal Exhibition (Insa Gallery)
2012 23rdsegye anniversary exhibition
2004 Exhibition of 3 artists with 'IBK'
       (Hwain Gallery)
2003 2003 NEW WAVE (Hana art Gallery)
2002 13th World Art Competition
      (Ansan Danwon Art Gallery)
2002 NEW WAVE (Sun & Moon Gallery)
2001 Hwayeon painting relationship
      Exhibition (Deokwon Art Gallery)
2001 12th World Art Competition
      (Seoul Art Gallery)
2001 New thousand years for Asian Painting
       (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art)
2001 Chaeyeon Exhibition
      (Deokwon Art Gallery)
2000 Special award in the 11th World
      -Art Competition (Sejong Art Gallery)
1999 Chaeyeon Exhibition
      (Deokwon Art Gallery)
1999 18th Korea Art Competition
      (National Museum of Contemporary Art)
1998 Young artists groping exhibition
      (Kyungin Museum of Fine Art)
1998 Chaeyeon Exhibition
      (Gongpyung Art Center)
1996 Young artists groping exhibition
      (Seoul Art Center)