In 2005, Gallery AM launched the art brand ‘Youk Shim Won’ named after artist Youk Shim-won and it made art more common to the public. Various art products based on her own art works are continuously loved by many people under the brand ‘Youk Shim Won’.
YOUK SHIM WON is based on the work of artist Youk, Shim - won. YOUK SHIM WON, under the artist name Youk, Shim - won, launched various products from household items to fashion. GalleryAM arranges exhibition, marketing, production, and planning with the work of the artist Youk, Shim – won. They are researching constantly in order the works of 'YOUK SHIM WON‟ can be together in every moment.
Women are happy because they are women. Every woman is a princess in ‘Youk Shim Won’s world.
Freewheeling Princess.
Fashion Items; handbag, wallet, shoes, fashion accessory, etc.
Living Items; cushion, blanket, cup, kitchen utensils, etc.
Paper; diary, calendar, notes, etc.
Free and characterful women.
2013 Shop Opening in Bojeong-dong(4th branch)
2013 Shop Opening in Samchung-donㄴsg(3rd branch)
2013 Participation in overseas exhibition
       `WWD, USA
2012 Walkerhill Duty Free Shop
2012 Lotte Duty Free Shop (Incheon Air Port)
2012 Lotte Duty Free Shop (COEX)
2012 Participation in overseas exhibition
       `rooms, Japan
       `Hong Kong Fashion week
2011 Participation in Overseas Exhibitions
       `Mode, Shanghai
      `Pret-A-Porter, France
      `Mipel, Italy
2010 Launch of Youk Shim Won Bag
2009 Garosu-gil Shop Opening in sinsa-dong
       (2nd Branch)
2009 Shop Opening in Shinsegae
      Departmenet store(Centum City)
2007 Shop Opening in Shinsegae
      Department store (Jookjeon)
2007 CJ Home Shopping’s Advertisement
2007 Hana Bank’s Art Business
2007 Seoul Living Design Fair
2006 Seoul Living Design Fair
2005 Shop Opening in Insa-dong (1st branch)
2005 Launch of diary
2005 Shop Opening in Kyobo Books
      Gwanghwamun, 16 Shops as of 2011